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In BeatWeen Rhythm


This new duo writes and plays music for nyckelharpa andwhatever other rhythmical sources we think fit. My kit gets built from the tunes. The Norddrum is also an essential part of the sound, and for blending together the acoustic and electronic world.


Olov Johanssaon and I come from totally different backgrounds

–Olov was brought up with the traditions of the Uppland area, leading to his love of the traditional Swedish keyed fiddle - the Nyckelharpa.

I was brought up with a whole mix of time signatures and odd meters!


Our composition uses our different backgrounds to create an understanding of each other’s perceptions of the world, and showcases how we feel, experience and react to things differently. We create an atmosphere of new communication with our music.

Please enjoy our tune *Långharpan" composed by Olov johansson.

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